Welcome to the New England Meow Outfit (N.E.M.O.) website.   We are all cat lovers who want to promote the welfare of our feline friends, both household and purebred cats. Through our activities, N.E.M.O. looks to increase awareness of purebred cats and the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) parent organization throughout the New England states. We seek to create a friendly, respectful and collaborative environment that can nurture new exhibitors while inspiring and invigorating experienced ones. Opportunities exist for all cat lovers to further their bond with their feline friends through cat fancy activities. Through this website and Facebook page we hope to inspire you to want to learn more about us… and perhaps, join us!

Throughout this site you will find information About our club, our club officers, upcoming shows and events, how to join the club, links to other sites of interest and a Members area (with links to e-mail and cattery websites).   Our members of N.E.M.O. hope you find your visit to our site both informative and enjoyable. Please be sure to visit our events page and view past shows and information on upcoming shows in 2018 and be sure to view our wonderful cats!

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