One of CFA’s newest cat clubs has grown out of one of its oldest. In February 2013, some newer members of the Nutmeg Cat Club (a 53-year-old club based in CT) were involved with putting on a cat show in Sturbridge, MA. The show coincided with Winter Storm NEMO and became known as “the blizzard show” or “the NEMO show.”

Following the show, it became apparent that the newer group was more interested in exploring new ideas, alternative show formats, and creating a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere while the original Nutmeg organization was more focused on preserving its history and traditions. . . both perfectly valid purrspectives! Hence the founding of New England Meow Outfit, whose name was chosen to fit the N.E.M.O. acronym and commemorate the storm.

N.E.M.O. put on its first show in the fall of 2013, and now has a traditional show date held on the fourth weekend of August every year.  All of our shows have taken place at the Sturbridge Host Hotel and we plan to continue using this location as long as they remain happy to work with us.

N.E.M.O. tries to do things a little differently than many other CFA cat shows in the northeast.  We are committed to providing a fun and welcoming atmosphere in the show hall, with special events such as our “Fish Finder” game (for exhibitors and spectators alike), a Saturday night buffet dinner open to all (by advance reservation) and a Cat and Owner Costume Contest.  Only exhibitors can enter the contest, but all are invited to watch and cheer their favorite costumes.

We also provide old fashioned, authentic rosettes for the finalists in each judging ring,  and we strive to create an innovative slate of judges that combines familiar favorites with new faces that have not been seen in our area before.   We always have one guest judge from another association such as Europe’s Federation International Feline (FIFe) or the Canadian Cat Association (CCA).

We welcome potential new members at any time.  Experience with purebred cats is appreciated, but not required.  To inquire about membership, please write to our Corresponding Secretary at secretary@newenglandmeowoutfit.com

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