Cat Show Dos and Don’ts

We want everyone to enjoy themselves at our show—including the cats! So please read the following suggestions to maximize your enjoyment at the show. 

Thanks for your attention!

DO monitor children closely and try to prevent loud noises and sudden movements that could frighten or upset the cats – not all the kitties are used to the show hall yet

DON’T run or shout inside the show hall

DO stand aside when cats are being carried to and from the judging rings — Cats need to arrive to judging on time!

DO sit down at a ring and watch and listen to the judge. When there is a pause you may ask
questions about the cats. DON’T go behind the judges table as that area is for cats and the judge only!

DO stop and stand still if someone shouts “Cat Loose!” DON’T try to catch the cat—he or she doesn’t know you. Doors need to be closed to keep the cat from beinglost outside the show hall, so if you are near a door, please close it quickly. There will bean announcement when the cat has been caught.

DON’T touch a cat without getting permission from his or her human first. There will be a special group of cats called “PetMe” cats who just love to be touched – so be on the lookout for their banners!

NEVER open a cage door; the kitty could get scared, run away and be lost.

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