Catwalk Documentary Sequel to Film at N.E.M.O. August Show

N.E.M.O. has some exciting news…

Our August show is going to be on TV!  The producers of “Catwalk” are planning to visit our show to do some filming for their sequel.

This is a huge opportunity for N.E.M.O. and CFA to educate the public about the cat fancy and get more folks interested in it.  This could be a great way to promote and grow the fancy, particularly CFA, and we are  hoping you will be excited to take part.

We realize, however, that not everyone will want to be filmed for a variety of personal and professional reasons.  So we have already talked to the producers and they have agreed to work with anyone in this situation.

What you will  need to do is catch one of the producers (they’ll be the ones with cameras and N.E.M.O. Guest Badges) and request that you not be filmed.

They will grab a head shot of you to use in their editing process to ensure that any video they inadvertently capture of you is edited out. If you need help finding a producer you can ask a club member to introduce you.

We want everyone to be comfortable with the situation, so please let us know if you have any concerns about this!



The N.E.M.O. Club hopes that many of you will be willing to help us take full advantage of this fabulous opportunity! Just think. . . your cat might be the next Bobby or OhLaLa!

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