The breed and color awards given to purebred cats are as follows:

  • Best-of-breed or division (brown ribbon) and second best-of-breed or division (orange ribbon):

If judges inspected cats separated into color groups, which is customary in a specialty show, the judge evaluates the males and females together, giving out these two awards.  These awards are presented after a judge evaluates all colors of a breed (or a particular division of the show).

  • Best champion/premier of breed or division (purple ribbon):

Best champion/premier of breed or division (purple ribbon): The judge focuses only on the champions or only the premiers for this award. Winning this award can help a champion earn points toward becoming a grand champion. The best champion gets a point for every champion it defeated, and likewise for premiers who could potentially become grand premiers.

Lastly, a judge holds finals, where the top ten cats in each category (kittens, champions, premiership, and household pets) are recognized with ribbons or other awards. 

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