At a CFA show, several simultaneous judging sessions take place at different rings, each with a different judge. A ring consists of a table for the judge to interact with one cat at a time, surrounded by a series of individual enclosures for each cat awaiting judging, and places to sit for exhibitors and spectators alike.

Each cat receives a show number and waits at their assigned benching area. When called, the cat is carried to the judging ring where the judge handles and inspects it. Each ring has a ring clerk and a ring steward who help everything run smoothly by maintaining records, calling numbers and keeping enclosures clean between cats. Each cat show also has a master clerk to keep records organized.

Since each cat show consists of various individual judging rings, cats might win certain awards in one ring, but not in another ring. For exhibitors, this helps add to the excitement.

For more information check out the CFA Judging Rules.

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