Welcome Judge Nicholas Pun to NEMOs Sturbridge Event in August

NEMO is delighted to welcome CFA Approval Pending Allbreed Judge Nicholas Pun in his first assignment within the continental U.S.  Nick comes to us all the way from Hong Kong but is no stranger to North America; he attended graduate school in Canada and began showing in CFA and CCA at that time with his first show cat, a Scottish Fold. His cattery, Dragonhill, has been CFA registered since 1997.  He began breeding with both longhair and shorthair Folds, but soon branched out into other breeds: American Shorthairs, Ocicats, and most recently, Japanese Bobtails. He has produced numerous grands and Divisional Winners (the Hong Kong equivalent of a Regional Win). One of his American Shorthairs, Dragonhill Steel Magnolia, was CCA’s Kitten of the Year for the 2017-18 show year, and this year he also celebrates his first CFA National Win, with a Japanese Bobtail, Dragonhill’s Ponyo.

A relatively new judge, Nick was licensed in 2014 but has already judged CFA shows in Japan, Korea, Indonesia, and all over China, as well as Hong Kong, and was recently invited to guest judge in Australia. He is the founder and president of the Hong Kong and Macao Cat Club and a contributing writer for one of Hong Kong’s cat magazines.

Nick’s experience with other breeds is impressive. Even before entering the judging program, he had introduced several breeds to Hong Kong and helped promote them to the public via the cat magazine. In addition to the shorthair breeds already listed, he has also exhibited Abyssinians, Devon Rex, Russian Blues, Siamese, and Somalis. He exhibited the first Turkish Angora ever shown in Hong Kong; other longhair breeds he has worked with include Exotics, Persians, Birmans, Ragdolls, and Maine Coons. He looks forward to getting “up close and purrsonal” with many more breeds at the NEMO show — and we look forward to introducing him to US exhibitors! In addition to judging a double-specialty ring on Saturday, August 25th, Nick will also serve as the presiding judge for our Cat and Owner Costume Contest on Sunday, August 26th.