Kathy Calhoun, SP & HHP
Kathy Calhoun founded her cattery, 5800 Dreams, in 1991 along with her son. Her primary focus has always been Maine Coons, but she has also bred American Shorthairs, American Wirehairs and more recently, Lykoi. She has achieved CFA National Wins with both her Maine Coons and Wirehairs. Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, Kathy followed another dream and became a CFA judge in 2007.  She remains active as a member and secretary for several show-producing clubs, serves as Treasurer for the Maine Coon Breed Council, the CFA Foundation and the CFA organization itself.

Lyn Knight, SP and HHP

Lyn has been active in CFA for over 25 years as a breeder and exhibitor. She started breeding Persians and Himalayans and more recently American Shorthairs. Her catteries have accumulated many National, Regional and Distinguished Merit titles. She became a CFA Judge in 2018 , realizing a long term goal. Lyn says “what better way to spend a weekend than with all these cats and fellow fanciers”. Prior to becoming a judge, Lyn has been involved in all aspects of show production and an active CFA contributor.  In addition to her Himalayan and American Shorthairs, she has worked with Birmans, Maine Coons, Norwegian Forest Cats, Ragdolls, Egyptian Maus, Colorpoint Shorthairs, Oriental Shorthairs, and Scottish Folds. Lyn is also still active in the Department of Defense Intelligence Community, helping to protect our country.

Photo of Saturday judge, Hope Gonano
Hope Gonano, AB & HHP
“My most memorable moment as a judge was doing Best of they Best at the 2015 CFA International Show,” said Hope Gonano, CFA All- Breed judge from Wilber-By-the-Sea, Florida. Gonano began judging 14 years ago, after exhibiting for 20 years. “I wanted to be a judge, as it looked like so much fun,” Gonano said. “ I love handling and playing with the cats.” Gonano began breeding Himalayan Persians 30 years ago. When her daughter, Lauren, was eight years old, she wanted an Exotic. “ It was at that point I decided to give it a try,” said Gonano. “I thought it was best to use an Exotic with my already established lines and make pointed Exotics.” Consequently, Gonano achieved great success, with many Grand Chamipons, two National Winners and the only two, pointed Exotic  Distinguished Merit cats in CFA. She named her cattery Laurenden, after her two children, Lauren and Eden. Gonano currently breeds Exotics exclusively.

Jennifer Reding, AB & HHP
In the late 1980’s,  Jennifer Reding purchased a show-quality Birman kitten, when she started  her show career in earnest. In 1990, she acquired a Japanese Bobtail  “just for fun!”  And so began her 30 year love affair with the breed. Initially, Jennifer’s cattery name was Janipurr, but following her acquisition of a black-smoke Japanese Bobtail in 1996, she changed the cattery name to Ginchika. At this point, Jennifer began focusing on silver and smoke Bobtails. She  has also bred Birman and Oriental Shorthairs, and has shown numerous other breeds. Hailing from Fontana, Ca., Jennifer has achieved numerous Regional and Breed wins, and “even a few National Wins.”


Marilee Griswold, AB CH/PR, SP KIT & HHP
Accepted into the judging program 10 years ago, Marilee Griswold considers it an honor to officiate all over the world. She works diligently to be the best judge of her ability, while striving  to treat all cats and exhibitors with respect. Merilee has produced five National Winners, 37 Grand Champions and two Distinguished Merit cats from her Snow Amber Cattery in Blythewood, SC.  Best known for her over 25 year breeding program of Scottish Folds, she has also bred British Shorthairs. Marilee has also owned and shown a variety of other breeds.

Lorraine Rivard, AB KIT/PR, SP CH & HHP
Lorraine Rivard, began breeding Siamese 29 years ago and judging 16 years ago. Working out of her small Cha-o-P’ya cattery devoted exclusively to Siamese, Lorraine and husband, Pierre, have produced 45 Grand Champions, seven Distinguished Merit cats and two Regional Winners. Hailing from Quebec, Canada, Lorraine has also worked with numerous other breeds to round out her judging skills, including a Chartreux, an American Shorthair, Persians, an Exotic and a Maine Coon. She also agented an Abyssinian, Japanese Bobtail and a Birman, showing  all to Grand Champion titles.

Gary Veach, AB CH/KIT, SP PR & HHP
Gary Veach brings over 30 years of international and national  judging experience to the show halls. Hailing from Maywood, NJ, Gary has produced over 50  CFA National Winners with his partner, Omar Gonzolez, under the Briar-Mar cattery name. Most famous for their stunning Manx, Briar-Mar adds Persians, Oriental Shorthairs and American Shorthairs to their list of National award-winning cats. Gary and Omar have also worked with American Wirehairs, Siamese and Cornish Rex, while achieving numerous Regional Wins and Distinguished Merits.

Russell Webb, AB & HHP
Russell Webb, loves judging because it allows him to travel, meet new friends across the globe and handle many beautiful cats. Russell has been officiating for 14 years, and also serves as our current CFA Vice President. He introduced his Whiteweb cattery in 1990, along with David White, and focused upon Cornish and Devon Rex.  He subsequently fell in love with Sphynx, and currently breeds both Sphynx and Cornish Rex from his home in Wayne, NJ.  Russell remains active in many clubs and show production. He currently serves CFA as Chairman of the China committee within the International Division.