The shows are broken into the following judging categories.

Championship: Unaltered cats of at least eight months old compete for championship titles.

Premiership: Altered cats that would otherwise qualify for competing in the championship class compete for premier titles.

Provisional: Includes cat breeds that the CFA has not yet fully recognized. The CFA accepts breeds into this class temporarily on their road to full championship status. If a cat is of a breed in this class, it can compete to win Best of Breed but cannot go on to finals.

Kitten: Cats in this class are between four and eight months old (regardless of altered status).

Miscellaneous: Includes breeds that have not yet achieved provisional status. These cats cannot compete for awards.

Veteran: Cats of at least seven years old. Owners have the choice to enter these cats in other qualifying classes as well.

Household Pet: Any cat that has not been declawed, but has been altered and of at least eight months of age can enter this class.