After cats reach eight months old, an unaltered cat (not spayed or neutered) starts competition in the open category in the championship class. An altered cat (spayed or neutered cat) enters the open category for premiership class.

Starting with the open categories, a judge will inspect and award first (blue), second (red) and third (yellow) place ribbons to males, and then to the females.


After an adult cat successfully competed in six rings, the title of champion is earned, and champions compete against other champions. After champions earn 200 points, they become grand champions.


Altered cats go through a similar process but compete for premiership. In this class, a cat becomes a premier after six qualify rings and becomes a grand premier after earning 75 points.


Household pets do not receive breed awards; instead they get merit awards (red and white striped ribbons). However, household cats can earn the title of Grand Household Pet with 200 points.