The following is a some terms that are commonly used at shows and in show documents.

Allbreed Ring A ring in which cats of all breeds are judged and ranked against each other.
Allbreed Judge A judge who is licensed to judge allbreed rings.
Alter A spayed (female) or neutered (male) cat.
Any Other Variety (AOV) A purebred and registered cat that is not eligible to compete because they do not meet the standard for their breed.
Blue The color also known as gray or maltese.
Breed Standard The ideal characteristics for the breed, as agreed upon by the breed council..
Cat fancy The group of individuals, clubs, and CFA involved with breeding and showing cats.
Cattery A group of cats that are part of a breeding program.
Championship Class  Whole (unaltered) adult cats (8 months an older) that are purebred, registered and meet the standard for their breed.
Exhibitor Someone who shows cats.
Household Pet (HHP) Open to all cats, purebred or not, that are not eligible to compete in any other class.
Kitten Class Purebred and registered kittens that are between the ages of four and seven months (inclusive) and meet the standard for their breed.
Open A cat that is not yet a Champion.
Points Awarded to a cat in a show and accumulated towards a towards a title.
Premiership Open to altered adult cats that are purebred and registered and meet the standard for their breed.
Purebred Cat whose ancestors are all of the same breed, or whose ancestry includes crossbreeding that is allowed in the breed standard.
Region A geographic area that makes up some of the territory of an association.
Ring An area at a show where one judge examines cats and awards prizes. A show may have several simultaneous rings.
Specialty Judge A judge that is licensed only to judge in a specialty ring, not in an allbreed ring.
Specialty Ring Breeds are separated into categories such as longhair and shorthair for the purposes of judging.
Title An award earned by a cat.
Whole Not neutered or spayed.