A  different Kind of Dressy Occasion

N.E.M.O.’s Annual Cat-and-Owner Costume Contest

Part of the fun of a cat show is seeing the cats all spiffed up to strut their stuff in the judging rings. But at the New England Meow Outfit (N.E.M.O.) show on August 24-25 in Sturbridge, MA, the owners get to join in the fun – in a way that never fails to garner lots of applause and a-mews-ment!  It all happens Sunday, August 25, at approximately 12:30 and will only last about half an hour, so make sure you arrive on time so as not to miss a thing!

Every year, a number of exhibitors come up with creative, original, and FUNNY costumes that incorporate a cat as an integral part of the costume. Past contestants have included such gems as Harry Potter (with the cat standing in for a winged owl), Drogon the dragon from “Game of Thrones” (with the cat dressed up as Daenerys), Little Red Riding Hood (with the cat as the Wolf), Fred Astaire (whose dancing partner was a feline Ginger Rogers), Joan of Arc (with a haloed kitty as one of her “heavenly voices”) and many more.

We have had appearances by exhibitors dressed as Marie Antoinette, Julia Child, Marilyn Monroe and Ariel the Mermaid; cats have come representing native American chieftains, doughnuts, parrots, ghosts, octopi, sheep, and many more decidedly un-feline roles.

Past contests have been more about the fun of the event than the prizes. This year, we are ramping up the value of the prizes in order to encourage more entries.

  • The first prize winner will receive a certificate good for one free entry with double cage at our 2019 show (a value of over $70).
  • The second prize winner will receive a certificate good for $25 off an entry to the 2019 show.

Two judges will review the contestants’ presentations and select the winners. One judge will be long-distance N.E.M.O. member Koshka Helqvist, who will preside via Skype from her home in Sweden. The second judge will be announced as the show gets closer.

Watch the club website and Facebook page for more info. And start thinking of ideas for your costume now!

Sorry, the contest is open to exhibitors only,  but spectators are welcome and highly encouraged!