New England Meow Outfit, Inc. (NEMO)

invites you to join us for

Our 10th CFA Allbreed & HHP Cat Show

August 26 & 27, 2023 at The VERVE Hotel Boston,

1360 Worcester St., Natick, MA

5 AB, 3 SP & 8 HHP Judgings        160 Cat Entry Limit

Entries Close at 8pm on August 21, 2023

Show Highlights

Children’s Stuffed Animal Contest Saturday

Cat and Owner Costume Contest Sunday

Fish Finder Game

More Exhibitor Entertainment!

Show Contacts and Entry Fees to Come


List of our fabulous judges


  • The hotel has been expressing a fair amount of concern about loose cats in the lobby area or anywhere else outside of hotel rooms and the show area. PLEASE keep your kitties CONTAINED at all times when they are not actually being shown. Even if your cat is used to walking around on a leash, this is not the place to take it for a walk. Thank you.
  • Our show area is spread out over three separate rooms connected by wide hallways. Judging takes place in the Main Ballroom. Unfortunately, this means benching in the Main Ballroom had to be reserved for clerks, club members actively working the show, or exhibitors with mobility issues. We ask for your understanding and cooperation with this situation, as it was just not possible to find the type of single-room show hall we have used in the past. There will be a sound system set up to enable you to hear ring calls from the other two rooms.
  • We are sorry to inform you that we CANNOT allow any exhibitor setup Friday afternoon as we will not have access to the show space ourselves until very late in the afternoon. Please plan to set up Saturday morning.
  • The hotel restaurant, the Violet Thorn, is open Thursday thru Sunday, 5 pm thru 10 pm but DOES NOT take reservations. It is strictly first come first served.
  • There will not be a breakfast concession in the show hall. You can get a buffet breakfast in the hotel restaurant starting at 7 am or a grab and go breakfast at the hotel “Marketplace.” The club will, as always, provide some coffee (first come first served when it’s gone it’s gone). There are a Starbucks and a Dunkin’ Donuts very close by and you MAY bring in coffee or small breakfast items with you. However, we ask that ANY OTHER OUTSIDE FOOD BE KEPT OUTSIDE THE ACTUAL SHOW AREA. Please sit in the lobby to eat it.
  • There is one exception – GRAND CAKES! You may bring these in, just keep all cake, plates etc INSIDE the show area. Grand cakes must be from commercial bakeries.
  • We are expecting a significant number of spectators. To help encourage exhibitors to be welcoming to our guests, we will be awarding a $50 Chewy Gift Card to the “Most Welcoming Exhibitor.” Each spectator will be given a slip to write an exhibitor name on, the slips will be dropped into a fishbowl (this is NEMO after all) and we will draw ONE name at the end of the show on Sunday. You only need to be nice to ONE spectator to have a shot at winning, but of course, the more people you talk to, the more slips with your name go into the bowl and the better your chances of having your name drawn!
  • We will have at least 3 Pet Me cats present. They will have flags on their cages to help people find them. You may find it useful to politely direct touchy-feely spectators to the Pet Me cats as opposed to telling them not to touch your cat.


  • We have been unable to arrange a lunch concession in the show area but the hotel tells us there is a good variety of menu items available in the “Marketplace” near the front desk. Food items from the “Marketplace” may be brought into the show area. If you wish to order from DoorDash or anywhere else, you are frree to do so but cannot bring outside food into the show area. . . please get someone to watch your cats and eat in the lobby.
  • We are very happy to report that we have an unprecedented number of brand-new exhibitors attending their first show. Chris June has arranged show mentors for them, but we hope everyone will be friendly and welcoming to them. Also patient!

Getting To The Show
Verve Hotel Boston Natick
1360 Worcester St, Natick, MA 01760
By Air
Boston Logan International Airport:
22.60 miles
T.F. Green Airport:
40.00 miles
Worcester Municipal Airport:
25.00 miles
By Car
Complimentary on site parking.