Pat Buchanan

First CFF show I attended was in the Brunswick Maine in the fall of 1993. We showed two Abyssinian opens, one later became our first Master Grand Champion. The people were very helpful and friendly to us with this first experience, thus we became members in 1994. We went on to show many award winning Abyssinians including first place finishes in all 3 placements of Best Cat, Best Kitten, and Best Alter in 2001/2002.

I became a CFF clerk in 1996 and a Master Clerk in January 2000 and the clerking coordinator in 2001. In 2001, I attended my first judging school advancing to All Breed Judges status in 2008; presently along with my husband, we have seniority of judges for CFF earning “Judge of the Year” 2012-13.

I have been fortunate to judge in many different Cat Organizations including CCA, TICA, and ACFA. In March 2019, I became the Judges Council Chairperson organizing meetings and updating judging requirements for our CFF judges. Presently I am a Professor at Southern Maine Community College working as the Department Chair and Program Director of a highly successful Medical Assisting program


Pam Bassett

Born and raised in Baton Rouge, Lousiana, Pamela Bassett now lives in Lakeland, Tennessee, near Memphis. She attended Lousiana State University and the University of Arkansas, graduating with a degree in Nutrition. She went on to become a Registered Dietitian and pursue a MS degree in Health Care Administration.
Her experience with Persians goes back to the 1980s, when she and her mother Jean began breeding under the PaJean cattery name. They exhibited extensively throughout the US for over 20 years, producing 22 CFA National Winners, 3 CFA Best Cats, and more Grand Champions than any other longhair cattery in the history of CFA. Pam continues to enjoy breeding and showing today, but as her love of all breeds expanded, she entered the judging program and has now been a CFA judge for 12 years. After owning and showing many different breeds throughout her judges’ training, she says she remains “fascinated with the unique personalities of the breeds and the unique elegance each brings to the judging table.” She has judged throughout the US and internationally, and values her experiences meeting exhibitors and cat fanciers all over the world. “I find it a true honor and privilege to judge their wonderful cats,” she says.


Pam Delabar

Born and raised in Quincy, Illinois, Pam spent a major portion of her adult life in San Antonio, Texas, where she served in the U.S. Army for 24 years. She now lives in Tampere, Finland with her wife Satu Hämäläinen, a judge for FIFe (Fédération Internationale Féline).

Pam became a CFA judge in 1990 and now has more than 30 years of CFA judging experience. She is a former President of CFA and the Regional Director of CFA’s Region 9, Europe. (NOTE: Update after elections if necessary)

She began showing with Himalayan Persians in premiership but fell in love with a lynx point Colorpoint Shorthair and then ended up breeding Siamese for over 20 years.  She has also bred Singapuras and Maine Coon Cats, and currently works with Norwegian Forest Cats and American Curls. She considers cats “beautiful works of living art” and is addicted to traveling the world and connecting with cat fanciers everywhere, because “no matter our political differences, geographical considerations, language differences, we all share the same passion and that is CATS.”


Lyn Knight

Lyn has been active in CFA for over 25 years as a breeder and exhibitor. She started breeding Persians and Himalayans and more recently American Shorthairs. Her catteries have accumulated many National, Regional and Distinguished Merit titles. She became a CFA Judge in 2018 , realizing a long term goal. Lyn says “what better way to spend a weekend than with all these cats and fellow fanciers”.

Prior to becoming a judge, Lyn has been involved in all aspects of show production and an active CFA contributor.  In addition to her Himalayan and American Shorthairs, she has worked with Birmans, Maine Coons, Norwegian Forest Cats, Ragdolls, Egyptian Maus, Colorpoint Shorthairs, Oriental Shorthairs, and Scottish Folds. Lyn is also still active in the Department of Defense Intelligence Community, helping to protect our country.





Jacqui Bennett

Born in North Carolina and raised at the Army’s whim in a military family, Jacqui spent the majority of her childhood bouncing from one base to another. However, there were always three key things that held her and her family together: strong family ties, the family focus on pedigreed animals, and competitive swimming. The love of animals and competition has remained a major influence throughout Jacqui’s personal and professional life; she believes both have contributed to her focus on respect, compassion and responsibility.

Jacqui became a CFA judge in 2010, but has spent almost 30 years of her adult life as part of the cat fancy. Her reintroduction to the Fancy began with a lovely blue ocicat (a breed originating in America in the late 60s and not accepted into CFA championship status until the 1980s).   She and her son Robert were a regular fixture in the south eastern United States, exhibiting, stewarding, clerking and master clerking shows.  She considers cats “living art” and breeders to be “artists” who couple experience with science to always focus on the health and welfare of the cats in their care. Jacqui loves judging because it enables her to travel, meet her fellow fanciers around the world and educate feline fanciers everywhere the world on the amazing animal that is the cat.

In the “real world,” Jacqui is Senior Manager of Quality Assurance for the North American division of Thermo Scientific. She lives in Tenaha, Texas with a small ”zoo” of pasture pets, cats and dogs and her husband of 35 years, David.

Nancy Dodds

I was accepted into the CFA judging program in 1978. 
Today I am an approved Allbreed judge.  I have bred and shown Persians, Siamese and Cornish Rex. 
I am still an active breeder of National winning Cornish Rex. In recent years I have attained CFA National Winner (NW) status on several of my Cornish Rex.
I am a file administrator in the CFA Judging Program Committee, shepherding trainees and advancing judges through the judging program in their journey to become CFA Allured judges.
 I have been a mentor and training judge for many trainees in the CFA Judging Program.
I am retired from a management position in the Banking Industry in the United States. 
I have been active in nonprofit organizations in my community. 
I have been a member of several cat clubs and I am currently active in the largest CFA Club in Arizona, Phoenix Feline Fanciers.
I have served as a board member, President and Secretary for this club.  I am also currently the Vice President of this club.


Teresa Keiger

A native of China Grove, North Carolina, Teresa Keiger wears a number of hats for CFA. In addition to her role as an Approved Allbreed Judge, she is also CFA’s Graphic Designer, Newsletter Editor, and Editor-in-Chief of the organization’s “Cat Talk” magazine.
Teresa began breeding her beloved Russian Blues under the Platina Luna cattery name in 1994 and has also bred or shown a number of other breeds, including Maine Coons, Persians, and Japanese Bobtails, Javanese, Abyssinians, Manx, and Exotics. While the Russians will always be her favorite, she treasures the unique characteristics that set each breed apart and loves to share these details with show spectators. 

As a judge, Teresa has officiated at shows throughout all of CFA’s Regions and Divisions, including assignments in Europe, mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand, Kuwait, and Malaysia. She has judged for other associations in Australia and New Zealand. She was accepted to the judging program in 2006 and advanced to Approved Allbreed status in 2012.

When not juggling judging assignments, graphic design projects, or magazine covers, Teresa enjoys yoga, tai chi, meditation, and fine wine. She lives in Greensboro, NC with her husband Rob and an ever-changing population of (mostly blue) felines. 

Teresa notes that one of the things that she enjoys about judging is educating people about both cats in general and CFA’s pedigreed cats. “I LOVE seeing people’s faces light up in wonder or recognition while I’m talking about a breed. It brings me a lot of joy, and I hope that I can bring our beloved breeds a little closer to them.”


Russell Webb

He is the current Vice President of CFA. He began breeding Cornish Rex with his partner in 1990 under the name WhiteWeb. They produced many regional and national-winning cats. He has also bred Devon Rex and Sphynx.

Involved in every aspect of show production and show management. 

Currently belongs to CFA clubs Cats Incredible, Feline Forum of New York, Garden State CC, and Steel City Kitties. 

He entered the CFA Judging Program in 2009. His extensive judging career has enabled him to judge around the world, as well as judge several CFA International Shows.